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Last update: January 13th, 2017

The information herein provided represents only a general guideline and does not absolve firms of their obligation to obtain the information independently (e.g. from legal advisers, financial bodies or the competent authorities).

Posted workers: Implementation of the principle of foreseeable preponderant share in Switzerland

(Document provided by the Geneva Office cantonal de l'inspection et des relations du travail (OCIRT) and Office cantonal de la population et des migrations (OCPM) - 1 August 2016)

French regulations - Working at night and/or on public holidays

French only (7 June 2006)

Législations suisse et française en matière de dérogations d'horaires de travail : résumé des présentations des Inspecteurs du Travail suisse et français du 3 mai 2005

French only (3 May 2005)

Statement relating to conditions governing the provision of services in France by firms established abroad

Ref. CERN/DSU-DO/RH/12794 (October 2005, last update 10 October 2016)

Relations between CERN, the competent bodies of the Host States and contractors concerning occupational health and safety on the Organization's site

Ref. CERN/DSU-DO/RH/9335 (October 1999);
bilingual document; original: French.