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Procedure for obtaining visas for Switzerland and France signature rights

21 février 2014 - CERN/DG-RH/17363

In accordance with the Status Agreements with CERN, Switzerland and France facilitate the entry of members of the Organization’s personnel on to their territories.  Where relevant, detailed procedures for obtaining visas apply.

Within the framework of those procedures, only the following individuals are authorised to initiate the note verbale procedure as well as to sign the Official Invitation Letters and the Conventions d’accueil.  

  • Kirsti ASPOLA (PH – CMO)
  • Catherine BRANDT (DG – IR)
  • Oliver BRÜNING (BE – ABP)
  • Michelle CONNOR (PH – AGS)
  • Patrick FASSNACHT (PH – ADO)
  • David FOSTER (IT – DI)
  • Nathalie GRÜB (PH – AGS)
  • Cécile NOELS (DG – DI)
  • Maria QUINTAS (HR – TA)
  • Jeanne ROSTANT (PH – AGS)
  • Ulla TIHINEN (PH – AGS)
  • Rüdiger VOSS (DG – IR)

The French and Swiss Authorities will reject any request signed by a person who is not on this list.

We would like to remind you that in accordance with the memorandum of 7 December 2000 issued by the Director of the Administration, (ref. DG/DA/00-119), "the Organization shall not request any legitimisation document (or residence permit) or visa from the Host States for persons registered as EXTERNAL" (people who do not hold a contract of employment, association or apprenticeship with CERN).

We would also like to remind you that those coming to CERN should find out in good time about the conditions of entry to Switzerland and France applying to them and ensure that they obtain the requisite visas, where applicable, in the country in which they are habitually resident.

Useful information can be obtained from the Swiss and French diplomatic representations abroad, as well as from the following Web pages:

The Authorities of the Host States have informed the Organization on a number of occasions that they insist upon scrupulous compliance with visa legislation.

Relations with the Host States Service
Tel. 75152 / 72848